Last weekend Tobi, Mae-Rose, Werner and I went hiking around Miyagase Lake. We invited a special guest who shows up in some pictures. It may look agressive, but actually it was very cheerful and great company and speaks fluently japanese ;-) Good for exercise!

The starting point was a bit difficult to find, but there was a nice temple-like structure, so while the others tried to find out about the maps and signs, I quickly took this picture.

After the first climb we crossed a bigger road, where I had a good picture opportunity

In the japanese (summer) climate, it is a very stupid idea to go and climb mountains. On the other hand, sometimes you just have to escape the concrete and get into the green...

View from the top. There is still a lot of moist in the air, so you cannot see very far.

Official sign at the top of the mountain

After climbing the mountain, we took the bus to the lake, hoping to wade/swim a bit. However, swimming was not allowed, not even in a separate area in a park-like environment.

After returning to Shinjuku (Tokyo) we went for okonomiyaki, the japanese version of gourmet. Teppanyaki is the more general name, but because we had the thick pancake like things (egg, flower, vegetables mix) as well, it is okonomiyaki. Teppan = iron plate, Yaki = grill/bake (okonomi = like/prefer).

The meal is finished with yakisoba (soba = thin noodles) with vegetables and here with some shrimps.