The following pictures were taken by Kasper Smit and Werner Breitfuss, with whom I did some sightseeing in the Golden Week.
Sunday april 30th Kasper and I went to the museum of emerging sciences to see Asimo, the walking humanoid robot by Honda.

At Odaiba there are quite some architecturally interresting buildings, like the one of Fuji TV, which has a huge sphere in it and the museum of maritime science, which looks like a huge cruise ship (not on the picture).

The maglev train model and super conductivity demonstration were really cool to watch. A lot of technical principles are explained in a really simple way. Too bad that some of the demos and virtual reality rides re-opened only later in the afternoon, when we had other plans.

Unfortunately the floorguide was out-dated and the Asimo demonstration had already started on another floor when we asked a suppost whether it was cancelled. However now we could get a nice overview from the balcony :-)

And after a rush down the escalators we managed to see him stand on one leg and walk and wave a bit.

On the way back we got off the train 1 stop to early (again), but that wasn't that bad after all, as there were some really cool skyscrapers around that we would have missed otherwise. These are all between Shiodome and Shimbashi, which is just a 5 minute walk