Flight to Ōshima

3 April 2010

Mr. Yamakawa had invited me again to join him on a flight with his small private airplane. Again we went to ōshima island, and I asked him if we could fly over some interesting spots on the way (you will see which ones).

For the photos of the previous flight with Mr. Yamakawa to Ōshima see post 34

The "Sky Tree", a big tower for communication antennas which is still under construction, and will eventually take over the functions of the Eiffel Tower look-a-like Tokyo Tower

First destination: Ueno park. With Mr. Yamakawa, I had planned to fly in the cherry blossom season, and Ueno park is arguably the most famous place in Japan to see chrry blossoms. The initial plan was to fly in autumn (foliage), and the secon plan was plum blossom season, but neither of us had much time then. The good thing is that these sights draw a lot of visitors, and it gets awfully crowded on the ground, but from the sky you have a spectacular view, without the crowds!
Notice all the blue sheets that Japanese people typically use to sit on when having an outdoor party.

The shinobazu pond at Ueno

Tokyo dome stadium

Shinjuku skyscraper district

Tokyo metropolitan government offices

Yoyogi park with cherry blossoms and the olympic stadium

"Carrot" building in Sangenjaya

Tōmei Expressway (Tokyo-Nagoya) through Setagaya ward

Enoshima island

Second destination: The Great Buddha of Kamamura. I have visited this statue several times, alone and with many friends who took the opportunity to visit me while I am in Japan (see e.g., post 36). Finding it was not trivial, but I recognized the huge Hachimangū shrine, the train lines, the beach, the street with the tunel in front of the Big Buddha, and the mountain ridge I often "hike" there to get to the Zeniarai Benten shrine. Seeing it from the sky was a really cool experience, and not many tourists get this opportunity!

Final destination: Ōshima. This time it was not clear enough to see Mt. Fuji, but it was still very nice weather and we enjoyed the seaside.

On the way back, we flew over volcano crater

and over Tōkyō bay, with views of Yokohama...

...and the "umi-no-hotaru", a parking/sightseeing facility in the middle of Tōkyō bay, where the "Aqua-line" tunel goes over into a bridge.

[HDR] Back at Ryūgasaki airfield.

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