A party was held because the start of the new school year. All students introduced themselves shortly and had to show where they came form. The map of japan drawn on the blackboard (across some schematics and formulas) got more detailed with every person introducing him/herself.

The Suzuki-Tsuchiya-lab has approximately 25 members, including 1 professor, 1 teacher, 2 technical staff members and 4 PhDs.

There were lots of snacks and fruits and plenty of beer, "wine", coctails and liquor (up to 25%Alc Whooooo!)

The man in the front is the system administrator (technical staff). The guy in the back is re-drawing japan's coastline near Hiroshima and indicates the position of his birth place on the map.

Professor Suzuki speeches (with the lecturer, Mr. Tsuchiya in the back)

Final map of the world according to Suzuki-Tsuchiya-lab members. At the left you may identify Spain, Italy and Africa. Unfortunately there was no space for Holland anymore, so I showed them later in a short powerpoint presentation about (my) life overseas.