Munich (Deutsches museum)

April 17-19, 2008

The planning was to visit the main building of the Deutsches museum the 18th and the annex "Flugwerft Schleissheim" the next day. However, the planning changed to visit the annex the same day in the afternoon. That way we would have the morning of the 2nd day free for sightseeing or going to still another museum (our flights would leave in the afternoon of the 2nd day). The other museums appeared to be too far away, but my professor wanted to see some more of the main museum (it is very big and not only aircraft, but technology in the widest sense). So there was little time left for sightseeing, and I decided to go after dinner... Ken, a german student who had studied in our lab in Japan before joined us most of the time we were in Germany, and also liked to walk around the city and have another beer :-) so together we went.

The historical building of the Deutsches museum (museum insel, main location).

The aircraft gallery with an apparently famous "Junkers" airplane

Thunderbirds are GO!

Detail of GE J79 compressor section

Part of the first Airbus aircraft ever built

First gallery in the Flugwerft Schleissheim

[HDR] In the "glass workshop" they restore planes and the visitors can watch the process.

Ready to go! Ow wait... the some part of the plane is missing...

One thing I HAD to do in germany was buying cheese. Not just for myself, Tobi was also expecting some. This shop on the Virtualienmarkt is small, but has a great variety of very nice cheeses (and, to the surprise of the boy who helped me, they can even pack it vacuum! After having some old mountain cheese, some raclette cheese and emmentaler, I asked for something interesting and I got some walnut cheese, old goat cheese and some strange french cheese with herbs all around. As we had an "Around the world" ticket, I was allowed to bring 2 pieces of luggage, 23kg max each. So from Germany on I packed 2 pieces instead of just one ;-)

Hehe.. wide angle lenses :-)

[HDR] Rathaus by night

[HDR] Place where Hitler held a speech


[HDR] Munich airport