I had asked the PhDs in my lab whether they knew a nice restaurant of jazz club or so to go for my birthday. (I found out thatg they also liked jazz mussic, so that was great!) Eri had searched the internet in the weekend and came up with a cafe that would have live music just 20 minutes from the lab.

The first song they played was a jazz improvisation of happy birthday and they continued with The A train, Summertime, Girl from ipanema and so on...

The music was good, the guinness was good and I brought good company, so we really enjoyed the night there

As the mussic was "Live & Jam" some guests in the cafe joined the band, and at a certain moment Itoh-san showed us that he had a good sense of rythm and played the wine glasses. It really fitted in!

At a certain moment the barkeeper decided that he should give me a present as well: he would play the piano himself!