As tuesday may 23rd was my birthday I went to the university's botanical garden with friend & neighbour Werner and we went to a jazz club with the PhDs from my lab later that day.

The garden (Koishikawa Botanical Garden) is in the north of tokyo and just a 20min walk from the university. When you show your student ID you can enter for free, so that is really nice.

Some parts of the garden were really constructed with care, sometimes it looks just like a temple garden. Orther parts however just contain rows of plants with their names.

Yellow irisses were in full bloom

The roots of the peculiar trees on the last 2 pictures sometimes showed up in strange shapes

The botanical garden is famous because of the research that Sakugoro Hirase (1856 - 1925) did on the Ginkgo tree, as I found out when I was searching for information on the Ginkgo after I showed one to Kasper in Kamakura. See this page for the full story and way more info on the ginkgo. By the way, as I said before the bank (where you save your money) is called ginko in japanese, but I asked it and the kanji characters are different, which means the name of the tree and the word for bank have no common origin.