The following pictures were taken by Kasper Smit and Werner Breitfuss, with whom I did some sightseeing in the Golden Week.

After our sushi breakfast near the fishmarket we went to the Sony Showroom, and on the way we passed the famous Kabuki theatre (Japanese dolls theatre).

Unfortunately it was just 8.30 by now and the Sony Showroom would only open at 10.30 or 11 or so. So we walked on towards the emperial gardens, which were closed the whole day for some mysterious reason, so the only thing there was to see was the famous bridge.

Kasper was badly in need of a - so very standard - Japanese tourist picture, in the typical pose: just standing there making a V with one hand and the other hanging down and an expression of not really liking it.

Then we went on to Akihabara to see the electronics district. There we found some sumo. Because they don't walk very fast Kasper was still able to run a bit and take this picture (although we were all very tired and our feet already hurt from 2 days walking).

At the huge Yodobashi store Werner took this picture of one of the many showcases with motherboards. As I wrote in a previous update, they show some 75-100 of these and then there are still lots of other computer components!

Just behind Akihabara station there is a maze of tiny shops selling loose components. Transistors, resistors, leds, capacitors, switches, connectors... Sometimes there is a shop selling some security camera system or so. The shop you see here is still one of the bigger ones. Often there is nearly enough space for 1 person to stand behind it.

We went on to visit Senso-Ji probably Japans ugliest temple, because it is very commecialized. I warned Kasper and Werner and we left it out in the original planning, but since we had some time and were relatively close Kasper actually wanted to see how bad it was. So... all you see here is tourist shops.

Tourist shops and the temple

The main gate and a place to burn incense (producing a lot of smoke)

Then we got the hell out of there, back to the station. I wanted to show the guys some more architecture on the way there, so while crossing the street Kasper took this picture of the Asahi (beer & softdrinks) headquarters at the left and the Flamme d'Or at the right (whitch accomodates some restaurants and cafes of Asahi)

Another toristic spot: the Tokyo Tower. Just nice to see from the outside. Paying to go up to the observatory halfway is not an option (and even more to get to the top). Therefore we went to the Tokyo Metropolian Government Office in Shinjuku later that day.

In the tourist souvenir shops underneath the Tokyo Tower we found this very peculiar cigarette lighter.