November 2006

Finally then I met again with my great friend, the monk of the Tenryu-ji temple in Kyoto.

And his brother, in another room

In front of the temple I met this couple taking pictures of eachother. By asking (in japanese) whether I should take a picture of them together, I got the opportunity to take one myself too ;-)

Inside of Kyoto station

Kinkakuji (The golden pavilion), probably Japan's most famous temple

Garden of the Daikakuji (The great pavilion). A huge complex of halls and rooms interconnected by half-open hallways. Most rooms had nice wall painings.

Inside the Ikenobo headquarters (oldest Ikebana flower arrangement school)

In this indoor forest, lots of small bugs were put almost everywhere. On the ground, on the trees, even on the head of the small statue!

statue at the Rokkakudo (hexagonal temple)

Rokkakudo (hexagonal temple) seen from the Ikenobo building. This temple is said to be the place where the first monk started to focus on ikebana flower arrangements and became a master to many.

My shinkansen back to Tokyo