Tokyo - Part 2

November 2006

A typical japanese way of showing that the roadwork being done may require you to drive a little more to the right... This one was at Ginza

Mt. Fuji from the Shinkansen

Mt. Fuji that same morning, from my front-door in Komaba (i.e. Tokyo)

When planning the trip, we chose a hotel in Higashi-Ginza for the last day, so we could go to the Tsukiji fishmarket really early. Waking up around 4:30, arriving at the tuna auction just before 5:30 paid off: lots of frozen tuna, still to be sold. I guess that by 7:00 they were all gone.

After watching the tuna auction(s) we walked along the many many market stands where everything that you can possibly find in the oceans is being sold. After that: sushi breakfast!

I then took my parents to Odaiba by the Yurikamone train to see the rainbow bridge and we walked back. Then I went to language course and they went to the Hama Rikyu gardens to finis off their stay in Tokyo.