Many famous buildings in Tokyo werde designed by Kenzo Tange. Examples are the Fujij TV Building, the Metropolitan office, and the olympic stadium. We've seen all of these, plus the St. Mary's Cathedral, where we went together.

Although the cathedral was built in 1964, the design is quite futuristic.

The inside of the cathedral is all concrete, but due to the structure and the preciseness with which it was made it looks great.

The cool thing was that there were no signs saying that it was not allowed to take pictures, so we really made a lot.

Then suddenly a woman came to me, so I was affraid that she would say that we shouldn't take pictures... but instead she asked where I was from and whether I was a professional photographer... because she had made the ikebana (flower arrangement) for the special international mass that they had that day. So after some talking I took some pictures of the arrangement and got some explanations:
The blue and red/orange colours at the right represent fire and water, the green colours at the left and the wooden (anti) cross symbolise earth and the cross itself is air, so all 4 basic elements are represented. The three bamboo balls represent the father, the son and the holy ghost.