Yōrō (Site of reversible destiny)

5 July 2009

I had a conference in Kyoto and I thought this was the ideal opportunity to visit a place I long wanted to go. No, not in Kyoto, but on the way to there. It is called the "Site of reversible destiny", a project of two artist-architects. It is a park with buildings and sculptures, and sculptures which look like buildings and buildings which look like sculptures and ... well, it is about the experience. It is art. It is architecture... I think.

Website of the "Site of reversible destiny" park, [japanese wiki]
General website of Arakawa+Gins (the artist-architects)

[HDR] The "office", which is not in use as office actually. It would probably be too inconvenient:

Interior of the "office"

[HDR] narrow corridors, dead ends, ...

walls through furniture (or furniture through walls?)...

[HDR] Seems some UFOs landed on the outer wall

It was really an interesting park, although the whole thing of `losing your orientation', `getting completely confused' and `being thrown off balance' described on the website is probably easier for Japanese people (having no sense of direction and struggling on high heels even on flat terrain in the city instead of just wearing hiking boots) than for me.

Closeby is a nice waterfall, and since I had some time to spare I went to see it. Lots of elderly people and young ladies on high heels were also trying to make the "hike" (over concrete stairs and a well paved road) upto the waterfall. Here it was totally clear again that foreigners are still a rarity in these country-side areas: separately, two guys who were walking with their girlfriends said a bit too enthusiastically "Hello, how are you doing?" or so, probably just to show off how cool they are talking to a real foreigner...

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