17 December 2006

To make something of the day I decided to go to Yokohama. I had been there in 2004, but then I didn't visit Chinatown, which actually is said to be one of the major attractions. After that I went to the bayside and some shopping malls that I hadn't seen yet.

Entrance of china town. The torii is very typical, with a lot of colors and small details. Japanese torii in contrast, are normally very simple.

One of the chinese temples

another temple

One of the many restaurants. Actually china town mainly consists of restaurants and small shops selling foods (ingredients). There are also many stands selling chestnut or bapao. Actually I took this picture (and the next) because there is some plastic food I cannot remember having seen before... a whole duck! There are many plasic models for food, but I have never seen one this explicit. (The whole lobster or fish is less cute ofcourse.)

One of the streets in chinatown. At some moment you start to wonder... who is chinese and who is japanese...?

Container art in the seaside park

Seagulls on the chain

At the red-brick-warehouses (a shopping center) they prepared a small ice skating place. It is funny, because this is more or less what you see in center of the major dutch cities as well (but normally together with a small fairground and some more christmas ornaments around).

Part of the skyline, with the largest ferris wheel in the wworld and Pacifico (the sailing ship like conference building on the right, this was where the 2004 ICAS conference was held). The landmark tower (Japan's tallest building with the world's fastest elevator) is just not vissible at the left. Some people may know this scene from a computer racing game (need for speed?), although I'm not sure whether the track crosses here... maybe in the tunnel.