Rikugi-en garden Tokyo

September 23th, 2006

The pond that forms the center of the rikugi-en gardens in Komagome (North Tokyo)

boat house

Today I bought a canon 10-22mm wide angle lens for my EOS Kiss body (300D or 350D or so in Europe). As I bought the body without lenses and I used my old (analog) 28-80 and 90-300 lenses, I suddenly had a very small field of view when zoomed out (35mm lens effectively). So when I found out that I had quite some money on the bank here (rent is very low where I live now), I decided to go for it. And I like it! My Prrrecioussss...

So this is one of the first occasions to use it, as if I would (need to) step back maybe 50m further to get the same field of view with the old lens, I would have walked around 3 curves in the path already.

For this "panorama" overview of the garden I would probably have needed 3 pictures with my old lens (or even more if you want to have the same height)