Tour arount Mount Fuji

30 april 2007

Our first stop was at Kawaguchiko, one of the five Fuji lakes.

The next (short) stop was for a wide view with Motosuko at the upper right. We had been at the lake shore before, to get the view of Fuji like printed on the 1000 yen banknote.

Wide open spaces and farms... Probably only possible because the area is designated National Park,

The Shiraitonotaki (waterfall of white threads) is a famous waterfall, but we had some trouble programming the navigation system in the car... It would take us 9 hours to get there! Apparently there are more waterfalls with this name (not surprising actually), among one on Kyushu (southern island), one close to Nagano and one around Sendai...

Actually I saw the waterfall on TV just a week before, but I didn't know we would go there (when I saw it on TV I didn't even know where it was). The thing is that they broadcast a series about how to use your photocamera here. In the series a man and a young woman go to several places to shoot pictures with a midrange Nikon and Canon SLR camera and are tought by some young photographer about the settings. Aperture was the week before, and they went to take pictures of cherry blossoms. That week they went to the waterfall to experiment with... exposure time.

On our way back home, we drove to the northern part of the Izu peninsula to see the sunset. Although there was quite some traffic and we had some issues with the gps system again, we managed to get a nice view still.

Along the beach we found these weird buildings. At first we didn't know what is was... lighthouses maybe? When we went closer we found out it was a sluice (Dutch: sluis).