14 March 2009

As I would have had to take a flight at 6.30 AM or so from Melbourne to get to Tokyo on the same day, I had arranged with the university office that I could stay one night in Sydney (where I had to transfer anyway). I had chosen a hotel close to the airport. Although I didn't pay for the "Airport view guarantee" package, I still got a room on the 10th floor with a nice view.

Scanning the airport I spotted a quite large plane. Although it was hard to identify with the naked eye (the row of windows in the dark lines is hardly visible) my zoom lens proved it was the A380 indeed! Apparently it arrives in the early m,orning (from Singapore), is parked during the day, and flies back in the late afternoon or evening.

[HDR] After some aircraft spotting from my hotel room, I headed for the next UNESCO treasure. The Blue Mountains were unfortunately a bit too far for an afternoon trip, but the Opera House was a good alternative.

[HDR] The Royal botanical gardens offered a nice stroll (although I think the Melbourne one was actually better) and a nice view on the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the other side.

Then I went to the "Art Gallery of New South Wales", which would have a good collection of Aboriginal Art. Instead of that exhibit however, they now had some crappy stuff of art-school students. Then there was an exhibit called "Korean art", but they also showed what according to the label should resemble a Japanese tea ceremony room... When I asked for the aboriginal stuff, they said it was moved to another room (not indicated on the map in the leaflet), and it appeared to be only recent works of people INSPIRED BY aboriginal paintings. Very disappointing.

[HDR] I then walked to the harbour (throug a short but very heavy rainstorm).


Then I went to find something to eat (I thought the harbour was a bit expensive) and found myself in China Town. But I can have "Chinese" food in Japan as well, so I walked on, and on, and on, through business districts without any restaurants... found one spanish restaurant which looked great, but they were booked... more business districs... then I came to what seemed to be Japan Town (Japanese food, karaoke, and Shibuya/Harajuku style clothing shops everywhere!) ...

Finally I went back to the Opera house, got some nice Indian curry, walked around and took a lot of night-shots of the opera house and the bridge.

Then it started raining cats and dogs but this time it really didn't seem to stop...

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