Hiking - Kuroyamasantaki (Saitama pref.)

September 10th, 2006

No, these are not the 3 waterfalls we came for. Although they are small, they are still nice

This is one of the "Kuroyama santaki"

And these are the other two

This is Mihoshi, she is really in a good mood, as you can see from the smile on her face (this was at the very beginning of the hike ;-) By the way, the waterfall you may have noticed in this picture is one of the two in the picture above. It is called "onnanotaki" (female waterfall), it is the smaller and lower one.

The other one is called "otokonotaki" (male waterfall), it is the bigger and upper one. I wonder whether there is some meaningfull, traditional explanation for these names... :-)

On our way up we met this Belgian guy. He was supposed to provide the 4th waterfall, but then they would have to change the name of the area in all tourist leaflets and on all maps, so he was asked to hold it up... Note the purse, tactically positioned. (For those who dont know the statue, the original is in Brussels (Belgium), see Wikipedia for info or this site for pictures. The official site has annoying background sounds)

Views from halfway