Conference trip to Jeju (South Korea)

19-22 November 2008

I went to Jeju island to present my research at the KSAS-JSASS conference.

Most of the places I have been in Korea and which I discuss here are included in the file with KOREAN locations for Google Earth

[HDR] On our arrival day it was rainy and stormy weather, but just sitting in the hotel all afternoon didn't look interesting. Konno-san joined me to make a little walk to the Yong du am ("dragon head rock") and we passed this walking bridge

[HDR] It was not really clear which rock we were actually looking for, but there was a souvenir shop...

[HDR] but then, a little further, we saw some more signs and stairs ging down and people taking pictures down there. So this is, according to the Koreans, clearly a fossile dragon.

The national side-dish of Koreans is "Kimchee". It is basically pickled chinese cabbage with hot spices and served anywhere even before you get a glass of water. The koreans eat so much of the stuff that they have special fridges for it, which are especially designed to keep the kimchee in top-notch condition.

[HDR] The following evening the weather was much better and Naruoka and Hino were in for a short walk, so we went to the Dragon head rock again

This time the bridge was lit up in rainbow colors

We played around with the camera creating all kinds of effects, but this one (by Naruoka) is definitely the best

The gorge (Yong Yeon) spanned by the bridge was also lit up

just as the path along it.

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