Berlin (Germany): Part 2

30 May - 2 June 2010

My Japanese guide brought me to the Volkspark Humboldthain, next to the Gesundbrunnen station. In the park is a hill with a bunker with watch towers, which provides a nice view over the city.

Then I brought my Japanese guide to the "Wohnstadt Carl Legien". As the regular readers of my blog know, I generally check the UNESCO list of world heritage when I go traveling, and one of the insriptions are 6 social housing projects from the 1910-1930s (see [UNESCO] "Berlin Modernism Housing Estates"). All 6 neighborhoods were designed integrally and contain quite a few appartment flats in bauhaus or similar modernistic style.

Normal people are living there and I think many are not aware that they live in UNESCO-listed appartments. No tourists there either (except for me then). It is not that special a sight, but if you like architecture and you know some of the background it is actually quite nice to walk around there.

Then a must-see: The wall. I took this picture from the observatory tower of the museum at the National Berlin Wall Memorial.

We then took the S-bahn at the Nordbahnhof, which was a ghost station during the "wall-period", meaning that trains from West Berlin passed there without stopping, while the platforms were heavily guarded by East German soldiers. Now the station features a small exhibit about the ghost-stations.

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