After climbing nokogiriyama, we headed for the beach at Hota. There we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

Just some nice flowers we saw on the way down

Along the beach there was some "iris-garden" with a lot of yellow/orange irisses like this one. There are many iris-gardens here in Japan, I have no clue whether they symbolize something or whether there is a special reason to have so many. Anyway it is nice to see, maybe that is reason enough.

The beach at Hota

Water vs. stones

Tobi & Mae Rose


At the local convenience store we bought some drinks and bentoo (lunchboxes) with noodles/fried chicken, rice/meat/scampi and rice/fish, which were put in the microwave there. With those we went back to the beach to have dinner during sunset.

As the waves were getting bigger, some surfers came along

Finally we took the train home, as we were getting a bit sleepy and did not like the hassle of transferring to the ferry and walking to the station afterward.