Stew of Japanese white radish with pork

Serves 1-2

1 Tbsp sesame oil heat fry on medium heat until getting light brown and semi-transparent add keep on low heat for 7-8 min boil until the water is gone add as topping
Daikon cut in 7-8mm thick half circles
100g pork (rib meat, very thinly sliced) cut in 3x4cm big pieces
175ml water mix
1Tbsp soy sauce
1tsp sugar
1tsp mirin (sweet sake)
fried tofu (namaage) pour over boiling water to remove unwanted oil cut once in the length and then in 7-8mm thick slices
2-3 bannounegi cut in 3-4cm pieces
Copyright Jorg Entzinger 2006

Note 1: Daikon = UK: Japanese white radish; NL: Rammenas; D: Rettich

Note 2: bannou negi = UK: super long (chinese) chive; NL: reuze-bieslook. You can use some more normal chive/bieslook as well.

final dish, daikon and bannou-negi