The following pictures were taken by Kasper Smit and Werner Breitfuss, with whom I did some sightseeing in the Golden Week.
About 1.5 hour after we left home, we (Kasper, Werner and I) arrived in Kamakura. Actually we wanted to go to the huge buddha statue first, but when we found out that we would have to wait a long time for the bus, we decided to go to the Hachimangu Jinja shrine first.

At the entrance we found this remarkable tree. After seeing the main temple, we walked a bit around.

Quite some small shrines like the one above are located on the site.

Suddenly we ran into a wedding ceremonial. A guard waved us to quickly pass the crowd, as soon (official) photos would be taken.

After the photo-session the procession went to another sub-temple, while the 3 musicians in front tortured their instuments.

The two big ponds at the shrine were not very interresting yet. Probably in July or August lots of lotus flowers should offer a better view.

From the Hachimangu shrine we walked on to the Hokakuji shrine, which has a zen garden with raked gravel

but actually the it is famous for it's bamboo garden :-)

From left to right: Jorg, Kasper, Werner.

A young bamboo shoot next to its bigger brothers (or parents?)

Overview of the main garden of the Hokakuji shrine

The garden as seen from the main building

Look at the picture and meditate!

On our way back to the station we encountered another marrying couple. This "lucky shot" was taken while crossing the street. Notice the family member in the background, feeling a bit tired.