Hiking Mt. Jimba

August 19th, 2006

Tobi and Mae Rose somewhere halfway to the top

Big trees!!

yeah, it was really hot that day... The moment where you ask yourself "why did we do this in the first place?" came very early. Well, as you can see, we did manage to get to the top!

Art, we call it: "horse at summit"

Big panorama... Hi Mae Rose!

Tobi got us some ice (shaved from a huge ice cube) with lemonade poured over

In the valley, there were may small tea plantages (at least, we guess that is what it is)

Feet in the river, this refreshment was much appreciated by our feet.

Building dams in the river appears not to be an exclusively Dutch way of spending time as a kid

They made "water guns" out of bamboo: One big piece, with a small hole at the end and a stick with some cloth wrapped around that just fits in to build up pressure.