Edogawa & Tamagawa Hanabi

August 2008

Summer is fireworks season in Japan (they don't do fireworks with newyear here). There are some huge festivals where you can come to watch professional firewworks shows, often free of charge (if you don't need a special, extra good seat). Most shows are along a river as there is quite some free space. Here (Edogawa hanabi) you can see there are lots and lots of people on both sides of the river waiting.

Waiting and watching the fireworks here normally goes together with eating and drinking :-)

Well, the rest of the shots mostly speak for themselves I guess... Photos are of both the Edogawa hanabi and Tamagawa hanabe events.

(Evil) Smiley


At the Tamagawa hanabi there are traditionally many figures. This year there was a whole series of olympic sports pictograms as Tokyo wants to get the olympics in 2016 or so I think. It's really arrows being shot in the air and making the logo after exloding. (Baseball, table tennis, cycling, soccer)