The following pictures were taken by Kasper Smit and Werner Breitfuss, with whom I did some sightseeing in the Golden Week.

In the afternoon I wanted to show Kasper the weird teenagers at Harajuku. Luckily the weather was nice, so they were still there when we arrived.

When walking there you really feel that you are a tourist, just taking pictures of these weird people that want to be seen...

or actually, some don't want you to take a picture and turn their back to you... which doesn't stop us from taking a picture of course.

Because it so close and great to get a bit of rest we decided to enter the Meiji shrine, so we had to purify ourselves

Main building

Shinjuku skyscraper from the park

After visiting the Meiji shrine we walked to Shibuya. I thought Kasper just had to see the famous crossing, and especially at night it is cool to take pictures, because you can have a long exposure.

The cars probably ignored the orange or red light, so they were trapped in the crowds. They really couldn't move an inch.

After crossing the street a picture of the huge video wall just had to be taken.