Searching for a new house

The first room I visited had a "sunroom" (the part in the back). However positioned on north-east, it made the room really bright.

The position of the window, kitchen, entrance and the door to the sunroom part make it difficult to put all furniture in a good place.


Another option was on the first floor of an older building. The room itself was quite nice, but the kitchen, toilet (japanese style) and bathroom were really old.

The white box in the back is some (pre-war?) boiler/shower system.

Floorground of the appartment I will rent

2 windows make the room quiote bright, but there is not much of a view, as it is only 2nd floor (1st floor is ground level here) and the surrounding buildings are higher.

2 big closets

separate bathroom and toilet

kitchen with place for a washing machine on the left, entrance with shoe- and umbrella-box at the right