Koma flowers and Kawagoe (Little Edo)

September 24th, 2006

Already at Koma station there were small flags to show that we were right

On the way to the main spot, there were already several amaryllis flowers

So this was what we came for... thousands of blooming flowers in the shade of some trees

Too bad that they decided to make the car park for busses there...

With all these big red flowers getting so much attention, this blue one must have felt quite lonesome

One more, and I wont bother you with the other 50 (which is already a strict selection of the 200 or so I took...)

Using my wide-angle lens it was no problem getting the whole building on the picture, even in this narrow alley

The shop selling knives and scissors, from the inside

The famous tower of Kawagoe

Some more Edo-style buildings

Shop selling rice crackers

Traditional/festivity clothing for the whole family!