Tanabata (star festival) is every year on july 7th (7-7). It finds it origin in a chinese legend that tells te story of a man and a woman who lived in the galaxy. They were never doing anything, which very much annoyed a higher power. The higher power decided that they had to live (and work) on different sides of the milkyway. They of course did not like this decision and asked for a favour: to see each other at least once a year. This wish was granted, and so the japanese believe that when you write your wish on a piece of paper and hang it in a bamboo branch on this day, it will come true.

The whole week there were banboo branches and tables with pieces of paper, pens and ties everywhere. In some of the university buildings, in the metro stations ... People seem to take it quite serious, because in just a fiew minutes in the stations there were several people writing down their wishes.

The bamboo with wishes next to the elevator on the floor where we have language classes.

At the Yushima metro station there a lot of wishes had been submitted by friday (7-7).

At the Hibiya metro station there was a nice one as well.