Wedding of Tobi & Mae Rose

6 February 2008

My friends here in Japan, Tobi (from Germany) and Mae Rose (from the philippines) decided to get married here and did so feb 6th. Together with Antonin (from France) and his girlfriend Emi (from Japan) I prepared the wedding cake and a "piece monte" of cream puffs, glued together with dark and white chocolate we tried to make it resemble Mt. Fuji.

The first baking day we were really busy baking 3 different kinds of pies, and we more or less forgot to take pictures.. sorry. Anyway, there are pictures of the result as you can see later :-)

Making whipped cream and vanilla cream (from real vanilla) to mix later and fill the puffs with

Preparation of the puffs

We put some red food coloring in some of the puffs because we wanted a "rising sun" to fancy up the Mt. Fuji scene.

Not finished yet, but the idea is there

In Japan getting married in the city hall is merely filling out the form and handing it over. No ceremony or whatsoever. We thought...

Actually it turned out that a ceremony can still be found in the bureacracy taking its time, mainly because a wedding between 2 foreigners is not a routine job for them and o course it doesn't fit in the "system". Checking all documents (obtaining them from Germany and the Philippines is even another story), translating them into Japanese and searching for the right procedure to follow, it took them up to 7 people!

Then there was some problem with the names... in Japanese there are only first and last names, but Tobi and Mae Rose both have a middle name. Additionally, japanese names are concatinated without a space, comma, dot or dash or so, everyone knows what is the first and last name by the characters used, but how to do that for foreigners? Put it firstmiddlelast name or lastfirstmiddle, and what if you need an official translation into english or so again... I guess it took about one and a half hour in total...

When the formalities were finally over, there was a party in the tea hose of Rikugi-en, a garden across the corner from my house.

with the home made wedding cakes (and also the cream puff Mt. Fuji, however not in the photo)