Genki Festival (yosakoi-harajuku)

August 26th, 2006

In contrast with the carnival, the "genki" (=energy) spirit was very much there at the genki festival

many dance groups performed their act one after another at several stages around the Yoyogi koen (=park). Groups of 30-50 people, ranging from children to 60+, danced to energetic music with.

There also was a hot air balloon show, where they heated up 6 baloons to show these "huge colorfull lightbulbs". As it was already dark, they did not take off, but the once in a while countdowns faifu - foa - tlee - too - wan - BAANAAAS ON-On-on-on! (5-4-3-2-1-burners-on [echo-echo-echo]) gave some nice photo opportunities as all the balloons put on their burners on simultaniously.

An Asimo balloon (Honda's humanoid robot)