Even if you don't have a clue about japanese, you can still understand the manuals just by looking at the pictures. Try it!

If you use the grill, don't burn the fish

Your pan will be happy if you you make sure it touches all supports on the stove.

A new gas hose will be more than happy to knock an old hose out

My stove gets scared easily by sprayers

The stove is highly suspicious of T-shirts

My stove loves to play with the ventilator and also likes open windows a lot.

The insurance for my house covers... Fire ... Explosions ... High water

and also helps me out if the house owner gets mad at me or if I try to kill the one living a floor lower by throwing plants...

When applying for the water connection, I got a form for automatic (bank transfer) payment. As you see, two waterdrops are happy to explain everything to me (too bad they didn't have english speaking water drops here... should be able to find some in the pasific I would say...).