This big building is the University of Tokyo Komaba International Lodge. I will be living here the first year of my stay in Japan. It is located (a little to the west) between Shinjuku and Shibuya, which are said to be the two hippest parts of Tokyo. The rent is ridiculously cheap, especially for what you get and for Tokyo standards. I guess it will make like EUR 75,- incl./month

When I have breakfast this is my view. The skyscrapers in the center are in Shibuya. I think the neighbourhood is really decent and relatively green (talking about trees, not about rooftops).

At night the view from my sliding door window / balcony is like this.

You have to take your shoos off at the front door. You see a little bit of my kitchen, boiler and electricity panel at the left and at the right is the bathroom-cabin.

Kitchen: 1 sink, 1 heater, 1 small fridge, 1 fan ("afzuigkap")

This great, typically japanese, space efficient bathroom-cabin is a bit small when using the toilet, but quite spatious when having a shower.

The rest of my room: bed and cabinet & cupboard.