29 October 2008

In Kumamoto I re-joined my friends who had come over from The Netherlands and had travelled other parts of Japan in the mean time.
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First stop was the Castle. We entered through a maze of huge walls climbing up to the main building

The outside looks quite OK, but inside it is all new and concrete. Only one tower (not the main building) is said to be original. It's really too bad. Matsumoto and Himeji are definitely much better.

Although the castle was a bit disappointing, the former samurai residence was very nice. It was much quiter as well.

In the afternoon we went to the Suizenji garden. It is famous for it's depiction of the 53 stops along the Tokaido "highway" which was the old walking route from Tokyo to Kyoto. The most obvious view is that of Mt. Fuji. After that, Nynke, Olaf, Roelfina, and I went for some real nature in the Tatsutayama nature park (and then walked all the way back to downtown Kumamoto because we couldn't find the station, even though we did find the rail tracks...)

This tram still has a wooden floor

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