In the class rooms of our language classes there are some quite advanced overhead projectors. Actually it is a frame with 2 lamps, a camera, a preview screen and some buttons for focussing, (digital) zooming, contrast/brightness etc. The camera is coupled to a beamer that hangs from the ceiling of the classroom.

Many people wonder what a japanese keyboard looks like... well, here is the answer! With the button at the top-left, just below the escape button is a button to quick-switch between normal and japanese input. The characters written on the keys can be used after pressing some buttons next to the spacebar, but almost nobody uses that (only people who really have to type a lot or have to type very fast). Normally you just type to which is the converted to と u -> う kyo -> きょ u -> う and if you then press F7 it the hiragana are converted into katakana, or if you press the spacebar a list of possible kanji matches is scrolled through.

This is the way they pack big objects here if you buy them in a store. Some wraps, a grip with some extra foam material to make carrying more convenient and a piece of paper of the shop.

My oven, once unpacked (yeah yeah, I have to sweep the floor...)

A japanese water cooker. Actually it is more like a boiler, it keeps the water inside on a temperature around 95-98 degrees, so you can make tea any time you want!