Other signs

So... how exactly should I prepare for this?

Well, at least he wears a helmet ;-)

Warning for cruelty on the Bou-no-mine mountain hike (Saitama)

They hired some weird people there to make sure you keep out...

No entry - Dick Bruna style (at Osaka station)

If you look carefully you may find a tree that is actually growing some furniture... at least, that is what they tell the kids here I think.

I think this really symbolizes the current hi-tech generation. As soon as they come out of the egg, the kids have a mobile phone these days... Actually it is a police hotline.

Hold the handrail? Why??? It was a staircase, completeley covered on all sides, so I wouldn't see the potential danger...

Before, everyboddy is unhappy, even the train... after all construction work is over, everybody is happy, even the train! (see also the japanese style smilies (>_<) and (^_^))

To the pak where the monkies take a bath

The telephone will cry if the mean excavator digs up its cable

Whoopie! Let's play with electricity today!!

The "Do" form "Dokkyo" is the "Do" from "Doitsu" (Germany), it says in the small letters... wwhich explains the mouse