Laboratory party

16 June 2007

Some party in the laboratory. Last year we went for BBQ in Tachikawa park, but this year it was a bit difficult because of the professors schedule, booking too late and the rainy season comming, so they decided to have a normal party in the university.

The normal seminar room would be a little bit too small with some old laboratory members comming as well, so the professor ordered to move everything to a larger room.

Toast in the new room.

This is what they call "european style" or so, mainly because it is not traditional japanese style... To the left some fried potatoes, deepfried shrimp etc., the things on the right are pieces of french bread with avocado cream.

Salmon and Penne (pasta)

It looks like cream puffs, but actually the things are filled with some garlic-cream-cheese, so if you are expecting cream puffs it is really bad