Chūbu tour by car - Part 5:


13 May 2009

We arrived late at minshuku Araya [JP], and had eaten dinner in a service area along the highway between Kanazawa and Tōjimbō. We were offered free tickets for an onsen, but since it was already dark (so not much of a sea view from the open air bath) and it would mean we had to get into the car again, we didn't go.

The next morning we found out that we had a great view of the aquarium next door, with dolphins and orcas practicing.

[HDR] when walking around the hotel we found oput that it was actually a really nice place. The minshuku was the last along a dead-end street and close to the sea. There was a very nice sea-side park with large basalt-lava rock formation. It was really quiet (also because it was a weekday soon after the golden week holidays probably).

We spent quite some time walking around and over the rocks. There were also two little shrines in caves (not on these pictures).




In the end we wondered whether the famous tourist spot of Tōjimbō could match this, and we were a little bit affraid to go and find out (we thought it might be a disappointing waste of time). Still, we went there to check. Lots of tourist shops and restaurants selling crap and crab respectively. And the cliffs... well, they were ok, but not worth putting any pictures here.

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