Misaki peninsula
(Arasaki, Miura, Jōgashima)

27 June 2009

I wanted to go hiking, but Tobi wanted to go to the beach. We settled on a compromise, walking along the rocky coastline of the Misaki peninsula. I had found it via google earth when I was checking whether there were any mountains for hiking close to the coast (with the constraint that it should be possible as a daytrip and we had already been to Nokogiriyama in Chiba twice [first time, second time]).

The Misaki peninsula is a bit hilly (not mountainous), but the rock formations along the sea shore are very nice and I had planned a walk along the coastline from the station to Arasaki, then to take the bus to the relatively big village of Miura and the coastline/nature park of Jōgashima.

We enjoyed the whole day even more than expected and I can really reccommend this trip if you feel you need to get out of Tōkyō into the countryside, especially because it is very easily accessible by the keikyū (private railway) line. The port of Miura is also well known for its excellent fish, and especially tuna, which is another good reason to go!

It seems this is more or less the area where they grow all the vegetables and fruits for Tōkyō Lots of net melons, water melons, pumpkins, onions, ...

At some point along the coast there were several japanese people gathering shellfish (probably clam)

[HDR] Although there are some sandy beaches, I prefer the rocky parts and I choose the walking route to be mostly rocky. Nice sand beaches are more on the east coast of the peninsula (we went there a few weeks later for BBQ).

[HDR] Especially around the Arasaki park the rocks were very nice with layered structures. Certainly worth a visit!

Then we took the bus to Jogashima and walked through the park, down the stairs to the seashore and then all the way to the west side of the island over the rocks along the coast line.


We walked a bit around to check some restaurants (but most were closed or closing already). At one place they were drying fish, but it really looked like they had printed some photos, cut them out nicely and put them on the wire frame... even in reality the fish looked so unrealistic, really flat and really nice colours. Finally we had some tuna for dinner and took the bus and train back home.

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