Autumn colours at Koya-san

November 8th 2006

There are 2 great periods to visit Japan. One is in spring (late march), when the cherry trees bloom and all japanese rush to the parks for hanami or (cherry) blossom viewing. The other one is in autumn (november) for spectacular colours of the turning leaves (especially maple and ginko). This is why my parents came in November.

At first it seemed that they had come too early (by comming a bit early they could still join a bit of the Ikebana world convention) and autumn seems a bit late this year. However, when we came to Koya-san (a sacred mountain area, ca. 1000m high) we appeared to be exactly on time. See for yourself:

Ginko tree at the carpark in front of the Kongobu-ji Temple

Japanese maple hanging over the place where we put on our shoes the first morning of our stay in the fukuchi-in temple (in japanese style lodgings you take off your shoes at the entrance and go further on slippers)

View over the Wakayama mountains, taken close to the Daimon

3 famous trees in Japan: Maple (red), Ginko (yellow) and Cedar (green)

Maple at the Okunoin cemetery

Maple at the Okunoin cemetery