Max Groenendijk, a PhD from The University of Twente visited me for some days because he has a conference in Kyoto while I'm writing this. Together we spend the weekend exploring Tokyo. The combination of his knowledge about some architects and their buildings here and my knowledge about getting around and some other sightseeing places made it a quite intensive weekend.

The night Max arrived we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices to enjoy the skyline of Tokyo by night.

Without the polaroid filter there are a lot of reflections, which sometimes result in quite nice images

Some shot at Akihabara

Roppongi Hills is defenetely the place to go to see architecture and design (although Max found some very interresting buildings near Omote-Sando as well). Along the main street in Roppongi every famous architect/designer seems to have build his own bench. Also many shops have interresting architecture and/or interior design. Most famous is probably the roppongi hills tower. After many tries, moving a bit, adjusting the camera settings a bit and wiping raindrops from the lens after every shot, we found this the best view.