Zdar nad Sazavou & Pernstjen (Czech Republic)

Sept 2007

On my way back from the conference to Prague I went to a small city between Brno and Prague called Zdar nad Sazavou and made a short trip to the Pernstjen castle.

Zdar is famous for the UNESCO-listed pelgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk on the Green hill

I stayed in the St. Margaret chapel of the castle of Zdar. Recently the dilapidated castle had been renovated, and now the chapel offers 4 rooms and serves as a hotel/cafe.

The castle in Zdar didn't offer much to see. Only the Museum of books (history of books etc) and a marvelous ceiling painting (photos not allowed).

At daytime the pelgrimage church could be visited, however the main church could only be entered with a tour at special times, and I didn't have time to wait, as I wanted to go to the medieval castle in Pernstjen. However, walking through the star-shaped hallways surrounding the church and churchyard was very enjoyable.

Just a typical Czech landscape I think...

The path leading up to the Medieval Pernstjen castle, a bit uphill from Nedvedice station.

Nedvedice station.