Watch Your Fingers!

It is the nightmare of every Japanese... getting your fingers stuck between the doors. I guess a law was made after the emperor had a traumatic accident or so, because you really see (and hear) the warnings EVERYWHERE. Some are just the standard, boring signs, but often they try to make a picture where you can really FEEL the pain.

Believe me, the funny ones are not that seldom. It became a kind of hobby for me to take pictures of such warnings, so in every train and elevator I normally do a quick check for funny new ones to add to my collection.

Odakyu odawara line train Tokyo Toei metro (oedo line)

JR train toy-ball selling machine in Akihabara

Kyoto-Nara line train Odakyu department store elevators Shinjuku

JR train / Metro

Yurikamome train (Tokyo)

Switchboard in Asakusa station (Tokyo)

Tokyu department store at Shibuya station Kyoto station elevator

Yurikamone line (Shimbashi elevator)

Narita Airport JR station

Keio Inokashira train (Tokyo) Hanzomon station escalator

Elevator in Marusho supermarket Yoyogi Uehara

Tokyo Metro trains

Tokyo Metro ("Please be careful of the doors")

Tokyo Metro ("Please take care that your hand does not get caught in the door pocket.") Tokyo Metro ("Please do not rush to catch the train")

Hibiya station (between chiyoda line and mita/yurakucho line)

Train from Nagano to Obuse Oji Kamiya station elevator to upper level (Tokyo)