The following pictures were taken by Kasper Smit and Werner Breitfuss, with whom I did some sightseeing in the Golden Week.

After the Zeniarai Benten shrine we continued the hiking tour to the Jyochiji garden. We arrived 5 minutes before closing (as we realised just after we had entered) and quickly walked around. It was nice, but not very special compared to what we had seen earlier that day.

Following the main road back to Kamakura station Kasper's dream came true... he could take a picture that shows that the Japanese love vending machines. Japan is packed with these machines. You can find them at every corner and in every building. You can buy all kinds of things from these machines, from drinks and ice cream (here on the photo), to batteries and one-way photo cameras.

After closing time we got to the Kenchoji temple copmplex. When a car left the complex the gate remained open. Some Japanese and we hasitated a bit wheether to enter or not, but finally we decided to go, so the Japanese more or less had to follow us. When we left a gate just beside the entrance appeared to be open after all.

After a photoshoot at the main gate

and taking a picture of the bell

we walked to the far end of the complex, where a large number of steps lead to another small shrine, which offers some nice views

Then after having some sushi (I had 10 plates of 2 sushi, which makes a very decent meal, for about 10 Euro) we went home and had some beers, sake and good talks about Japanese culture and our experiences in Japan so far.