Hikes with nice autumn colors

November/December 2008

This year I went hiking twice especially to see nice autumn colors. The first one was to the Arimakeikoku (有間渓谷) in Saitama, then along the mountain ridge which separates the Tokyo and Saitama provinces upto the Bou no Mine. I took an early train so I could take an express bus (which doesnt stop at every streetcorner in the city and goes on to the bus stop beyond the naguriko lake).

[HDR] In the beginning the weather was really nice and sunny.

but when I reached the top of the mountain ridge (after a lot of searching through the woods...) it got foggy with the wind blowing the fog away from time to time.

By the time I reached the bou no mine, there was no nice view or whatsoever, but luckily the fog didn't get worse so I could keep walking safely. By the way, I had been walking the path from Bou no Mine down before as a part of an earlier hike.

[HDR] Nice views in the misty forest.

The other hike was from Youroukeikoku in central Chiba at December 4th. It is a very famous place for seeing autumn foliage so I had decided to go on a weekday and do research in the weekend. I think that was a good choice, because there were quite some people already, but it was definitely not crowded now and it was quiet enough to enjoy nature. It takes a lot of time to get there by train from Tokyo, but it was very rewarding.

I walked the Daifukuyama-Umegase course first uphill and then down and back through the momiji(japanese maple)valley.

I went a little away from the main road to have lunch, and there I saw they were growing shitake mushrooms.

[HDR] The whole route uphill was over a normal road where cars can also go, but as it was a weekday, there were not many cars. As it was nice and sunny weather (I had checked the forecast to plan the trip) so the colors came out really perfect.

[HDR] The view from the top of the mountain

into the maple valley

I was really amazed to see this and so were the other people who passed by in the half hour or so I took to take zillions of pictures from different angles. Normally the bamboo forests are really orderly, but this one is really like a game of mikado.



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