The Netherlands

Sept 2007

Agricultural land and greenhouses close to Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Dairy farm "De Huppe" in zwolle. The right part is the (traditional) farmhouse (living part), left is the stable.

Cheese shop of "De Huppe", where they sell (mainly) the cheese produced on this farm.

White cows grazing the meadows next to the IJssel river, the church of the village of Hattem is in the back.

Houses in our neighborhood.

My parent's house (& garden)

Our house from the backyard

Katerveer sluice in Zwolle

Dunes of "Bloemendaal aan Zee" where I walked with Nynke. The dunes are a protected landscape and protect the inland from the sea.

Beach of the Northsea (with the dunes at the left).

With Rene and Jantien I spent the evening sailing at the lake of Loosdrecht.