On the top there was this board saying more or less "until where are things visible?". Well... it is rainy season after all, so the high humidity makes it almost impossible to see far. With good weather you should be able to see as far as Tokyo bay (and on the other side mount fuji)

Of course there was a shop and some vending machines at the top.

Don't feed the monkeys sign at the top. Probably some of the monkeys managed to escape from the park a little downhill and live in the wild now...

I did't feel like taking the touristic route down, so I chose the trail through the cedar forest

At viewpoints the japanese tend to build this kind of shelters

Because I did not take the most common way down from the viewpoint to the main path, I could finally walk a real HIKING TRAIL ... for 25 meters ...

Even on this trail they managed to put a small shrine. It really seems that it is not worth having a hiking route here if there is no shrine along it.

At the end of the route there were a lot of these flowers. They look a bit like Hydrangea (Hortensia) which you find here everywhere, but these plants are way taller, less dense and the center part does not seem to bloom. See also the next picture