Shinagawa & hanabi with Van Ginkel

August 13th, 2006

Shinagawa used to be an (industrial) outskirt of Tokyo, but in the recent years it has transformed into a part like all others

Few things however still remember to the old shinagawa, like this canal with party boats

Just to show you the contrast you find so often in Tokyo: your standard ugly neighborhood on one side of the bridge

and a quiet and peacefull temple ground with some trees on the other side

Pippi the musical! I didn't know she ran this far away from home...

Typical suburban street

Hans and Bep van Ginkel in "their backyard" (Meiji Kinenkan)

Traditional performance at the Meiji Kinenkan

Fireworks over Tokyo, from the United Nations University roof. Unfortunately the fireworks were not as spectacular as those in Itabashi. By the way, the "church" you see at the bottom is a very new building in exaggerated gothic style, as japanese people appear to like getting married in such a very symbolic western environment.