Gnocchi with smoked salmon

Serves 2-3

This dish is delicious either hot or cold.

1 onion fry in butter pour over cook to get water out stir carefully not to pulverize the salmon pieces add according to taste pour sauce over gnocchi
100ml white wine
50g creme fraiche
100ml whipped cream (not whipped)
3Tbsp lemon/lime juice
1-2 Tbsp dill
200g smoked salmon slices cut into pieces
500g potato gnocchi(gnocchi di patate) boil according to instructions on the package
Copyright Jorg Entzinger 2006

Note 1: if you use "sour cream" or yoghurt instead of "creme fraiche", be sure to add it after cooling everything down a bit and just before adding pepper and salt.

Note 2: the (whipped) cream may start to fall apart in oil and proteines when leaving it for a longer time. Just mix everything through again.