(Nijōcastle, Kinshi Masamune brewery)

10 July 2009

The last day of my conference in Kyoto only had a morning program, and in the afternoon I went to the Nijōcastle together with a few people I met during the conference.

[HDR] The Nijō castle was one of the famous sights which I had never visited yet. It is quite different from the other japanese castles, because it is more of a palace for receiving guests rather than a defence stronghold.

[HDR] The buildings have some paintings and especially nice wood carvings. Also the garden is pretty nice.



[HDR] From one of the corners of the walls you have a nice overview of the castle. Although it was nice to see, I wouldn't really put it higher on my list of priorities of things to see in Kyoto.

The hotel where we stayed was close to an old brewery [jp], just south of the imperial palace grounds. Although the brewerey grew and moved out of the city center, there is still a little museum, a shop and a bar and you can see some of the house. Also the well which was used long ago is still working and you can taste some of the nice spring water.

One of the most peculiar things in the museum was this typewriter, with kanji! It has about 1000 chinese characters to choose from (nowadays, about 3000 are commonly used in daily life, I'm not sure if that was actually different in the past).

The lady showed us aroud and explained some things about the brewery and the house.

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