December 2007

Following the success of the previous year, we organized a Christmas party for our laboratories again in 2007. We had been baking 2 weekends and made hundreds, maybe even thousands of cookies. Next to that we had received some specialties from my and Tobi's parents and we made gluhwein and hot chocolate on the spot.

To have something new this year, we decided that it would be fun if we had a lebkuchen house for each laboratory and some materials to decorate them. We had prepared the houses (baked them and glued the parts together with sugar glazing) and after a short explanation the "teams" started decorating.

Especially the agriculture team was very busy taking pictures of the decorated house using their mobile phones, when someone remarked that they had forgotten to decorate the back side...

The aeronautics lab had decided upon a gravity-defying Santa Clause

Later, around christmas, We went to Roppongi with some friends as there was a German style Christmas market with German food (in Roppongi Hills)

and they even flew in a german choir

And lots of illuminations of course

(Art-object behind Midtown)

(Illuminations behind Midtown)